Virtual interpretation

Screen / video interpretation gives the customer the same efficient resource utilization as with telephone interpretation, while at the same time providing the same proximity as with in-person interpretation. The interpreter is in a private place that satisfies all requirements for confidentiality. The interpreter user and the foreign language conversation partner can be in the same room, or in their respective places. The interpreter listens to what is being said and interprets continuously via screen. Salita has interpreters for video assignments available at short notice.

1. Book an interpreter

Easily book an interpreter through Salita's interpreter portal

2. Confirmation

We will match you with a qualified interpreter and you will receive a confirmation via email

3. Assignment

The interpreter can start their assignment

Benefits of using a video interpreter

  • Cheaper alternative to in-person interpretation

  • Interpreters in over 200 languages are available at short notice, regardless of time and place

  • The interpreter is less in the way of interlocutors

  • The interpreter receives non-verbal communication

  • Less travel activity is good for the environment

When is the  use of a video interpreter recommended?

  • For health assignments with a risk of infection

  • In geographically difficult to reach areas

  • Larger meetings with more participants

Get started with video interpretation

The only equipment you need is a PC, tablet or mobile phone. The service does not require installation and is available at two key clicks through your regular browser.

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