Salita provides interpreters to child welfare services across the country

At Salita, we have a separate team that works specifically with child welfare and all interpreters have the necessary competence to undertake these assignments.

1. Book an interpreter

Easily book an interpreter through Salita's interpreter portal

2. Confirmation

We will match you with a qualified interpreter and you will receive a confirmation via email

3. Assignment

The interpreter can start their assignment

Why Salita?

Since 1995, Salita has provided interpreters for assignments in the child welfare services sector ; for conversations, home visits, meetings, inspections, reports and for county board cases .

We know that such assignments can be particularly demanding and thus require interpreters with the right skills. Salita has qualified interpreters with the right competence registered in our database.

We mainly use interpreters registered in the National Interpreter Register with the necessary competence and experience.


All our interpreters have signed a declaration of confidentiality.

A significant proportion of our interpreters have also been issued an extended police certificate.

Interpreters who are registered in the National Interpreter Register and in addition have an extended police certificate are prioritized.

The child welfare team at Salita

Linda  Lunder  is the leader of the child welfare team at Salita. Ever since she joined our team 11 years ago, she has focused her efforts on her passion of working with child welfare.

She believes  that children and young people who live in demanding conditions also have the right to understand and be understood. Linda herself has three children and grew up in Holmlia in Oslo.

Three descriptive words about Linda: empathetic, service-minded and solution-oriented.

Salita has held numerous courses for interpreter users and employees in municipalities with the aim of increasing competence in the use of interpreters.

Salita also holds courses on the use of interpreters in the child welfare service. The course is aimed at public officials who use interpreting services in their contact with foreign language speakers. Here we address both general challenges in the use of interpreters, and more specific issues concerning interpreting for child welfare under various measures.

Raymon Strendo is responsible for these courses.

In addition to his job as subject manager at Salita, he is a state-authorized interpreter and trained social anthropologist. He has done fieldwork among interpreters who mainly work in the child welfare service, which resulted in his Master's thesis titled "Same, same, but different." The course includes experiences from this fieldwork, own practice and experience as an interpreter, as well as experiences from conversations with hundreds of interpreters, in almost all languages, through 12 years.

We offer this course both virtually and in-person.

Linda is the leader of the child welfare team at Salita.

Raymon is the subject manager

at Salita.

Salitas interpreter register

As a customer at Salita, you always have access to our interpreter registry, where you will find all interpreters registered with us and you can filter them in different ways.

You can search by language, name, interpreter's qualification level in the National Interpreter Register, area of ​​competence or by your favorite interpreter. Once you have found the interpreter you want to use, you can either book the interpreter directly from the registry or you can click on the interpreter's profile to read more about them.

The interpreter's profile page

On the profile page, you can read about the interpreter's language skills, areas of competence, and education. You can also see reviews from other interpreter users.

The interpreter level

Shows the interpreter's category in the National Interpreter Register

Police certificate

This symbol shows that the interpreter has been issued an extended police certificate

Child welfare badge

This symbol shows that the interpreter has child welfare as one of their areas of expertise


This symbol indicates that you have marked the interpreter as one of your favorites

Digital ID

When you have made a booking and the interpreter has been assigned, you will receive an assignment confirmation and see the interpreter's ID on the booking page. You should ask the interpreter to show you this upon arrival for the assignment.

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