Corporate social responsibility

We at Salita are concerned with ethics, responsibility and sustainability. We aim to both ensure customer satisfaction and promote pride in our employees' work throughout all stages of service delivery.

Member of NHO - Language Services

NHO Språktjenester (Language Services) is part of the national association NHO service, which is an industry association for responsible service companies in the field of interpreting. The association represents the private interpreter intermediaries, with extensive experience in delivering interpreting services to public and private companies. The purpose is to create value and promote quality development and efficient services in collaboration with public authorities and other actors in the interpreting industry.

The industry contributes to integration by creating new jobs where Norwegians and immigrants are on an equal footing and want to create a transparent market for interpreting services with responsible actors.

Scholarship for interpreter education

To motivate our interpreters to take higher interpreter education, Salita has established an educational scholarship. Every year, we select 4 interpreters and cover their semester fees for the entire educational course.

Salita support

The people who need our services are often in a vulnerable situation. It is important that everyone is treated fairly and equally, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity,  nationality, and sexual orientation. Through our support for non-profit and community-building purposes, we want to promote human rights and contribute to increased legal security and access to education. We take on projects with the top non-profit organizations in Norway.

Certified Environmental Lighthouse

Environment has long been in focus at Salita. In recent years, we have strengthened our environmental commitment which resulted in the Environmental Lighthouse certification.

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