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For over 20 years, Salita has provided conference interpreters to national and international conferences and events, business meetings, seminars, negotiations, and embassy events.

Contact us, and we will find a solution that fits your event perfectly.

What is a conference interpreter?

A conference interpreter is an interpreter who masters the language at the highest level. Conferences are usually interpreted simultaneously - while the speaker is speaking. This type of interpreting is very demanding and we therefore recommended to book at least two interpreters in each language. Each of the interpreters takes 15-20 minute sessions.

What kind of equipment is required for conference interpreting?

As a rule, interpreting booths, sound mixers, headsets and more are required. At smaller conferences, you can use more flexible and cost-effective solutions based on the use of mobile phone applications by participants. Our customer center staff can provide contact information to suppliers of technical equipment with whom we have good experience.

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