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Over 25 years of industry experience

We are looking for experienced interpreters in search of more assignments, and those who are interested in the interpreting profession and want to know more about what this entails.

Salita is experiencing an increase in the number of interpreting assignments and is therefore recruiting interpreters fluent in the following languages:
Kurmanji, Pashto, Vietnamese, Igbo, Nuer, Dinka, Masalit, Tigre, Bilen, Bisaya, Cantonese, Khmer, Hausa. Other languages may also be relevant.

If you do not have prior interpreting experience but want to know more about the interpreting profession, we hold courses and conduct continuous training for relevant candidates.

Working as an interpreter at Salita means interpreting for one of Norway's largest private nationwide providers of interpreting services.​


25 years of experience in the industry, high quality deliveries, and modern technological solutions make us a market-leading provider of language services. We provide interpreting services and translate documents in over 200 languages. We work with quality-assured, experienced interpreters and translators in most languages and dialects.

Member of NHO - Language Services


NHO Språktjenester (Language Services) is part of the national association NHO service, which is an industry association for responsible service companies in the field of interpreting. The association represents the private interpreter intermediaries, with extensive experience in delivering interpreting services to public and private companies. The purpose is to create value and promote quality development and efficient services in collaboration with public authorities and other actors in the interpreting industry.

Our customers


We have a high level of trust with our customers. Several large private and public clients have chosen Salita as their provider of language services. We mediate interpreters through framework agreements with several health trusts, ministries, and large and small municipalities across the country.

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