Urgent interpreter

Sometimes not everything goes as planned. You have overestimated the client's Norwegian skills, the meeting was not planned - or you have to step in at short notice. However, it is your responsibility to ensure proper communication. Salita guarantees a quick response in the event of an urgent need for interpretation. We provide an "interpreter on demand" - this means that an interpreter is available to you in minutes.

Book an interpreter

Easily book an interpreter through Salita's interpreter portal

2. Confirmation

We will match you with a qualified  interpreter and you will receive a confirmation via email

3. Assignment

The interpreter can start  their assignment

I need an interpreter right away, what do I do?

Call 04523. We have interpreters in Arabic, Tigrinya, Pashto and a number of other languages who are ready to take on the task immediately. Salita conducts thorough testing of the language skills of our interpreters, including checking documentation on higher education, interpreter experience and state authorization. All our interpreters have signed a declaration of confidentiality.

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