In-person interpretation

The traditional way of organizing an interpreting assignment is when all the participants in a conversation are sitting in the same room. The interpreter sees and hears what is being said, and interprets continuously. Salita has interpreters available throughout the country. All our interpreters have signed a declaration of confidentiality, and have undergone interpreter training and Salita's quality assurance.

1. Book an interpreter

Easily book an interpreter through Salita's interpreter portal

2. Confirmation

We will match you with a qualified interpreter and you will receive a  confirmation via email

3. Assignment

The interpreter can start their assignment

Benefits of using an in-person interpreter

  • No requirements for technical equipment

  • The interpreter receives non-verbal signals from interlocutors

  • The interpreter can use body language to support their communication

When is the use of an in-person interpreter recommended?

  • Complicated health consultations / operations

  • Larger meetings with more participants

  • Conversations with mentally ill people

  • Cases where you have to learn to use new equipment

  • Conversations with young children

  • Conferences and negotiations

  • In lawsuits

In-person interpretation can be performed consecutively, ie immediately after each statement has taken place, what has been said is interpreted. This is common for most interpreting assignments for the public sector, the health service, the police and the judiciary.

In-person interpretation can also be done simultaneously where the interpreter interprets while the speaker is speaking. This method is often used at conferences and in court and requires suitable audio equipment. This form of interpretation requires intense concentration. It is therefore recommended to book at least two interpreters who can take turns interpreting.

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